And now a Very Important Message from the Authors...

Hi. You read the original version of The Last Beholder: Book 1, and well, we think that's pretty special. Thank you for supporting us. We are genuinely grateful.

Between then and now, we've changed up Book 1 (now titled Bring) pretty significantly. Because of the nature of our situation, we could be fluid with the story. We ardently believe we've made Book 1 a stronger tale, but it's changed enough so that if you just read the original Book 1 and jumped into the new Book 2, you would be super confused. We definitely don't delight in confusion. That is not our jam.

You bought the book the first time around, and wow. That is the actual coolest thing ever. So we're not going to ask you to buy it again. We're giving away free digital copies of the new version of Book 1 to everyone who bought that first time. It's yours, no questions asked, just click here and fill out the little form. You'll then get an email that will direct you to a super special secret place on our website to download it.

Of course, if you want all that beautiful, cohesive goodness on your bookshelf, you can order the physical copies of the books here.

Once you get a chance to read it, we'd love for you to give us a review on Goodreads or Amazon so that others can see what you think about it. 

Thank you again for all your support and love. We think you're swell. :)

Beam & Hicks