Q: Hey didn't you guys already publish the first book? Why the new version?
A: The cool thing about self-publishing (although we prefer the term Autonomous Print Pirates) is that your product is not fixed. It's constantly evolving and when we sat down to start writing Book 2, we realized that our previously published Book 1 was incomplete. A character was missing. He was originally going to show up in Book 2, but he (and we really couldn't mean this more) literally fought his way into Book 1. So we rewrote it. It's better, we like having him there (can't say the same for our characters, but they'll be strong), and the story is locked and loaded. If you read that first edition of Book 1, we're really grateful. Genuinely. We think this second edition is firing on all cylinders and we can't wait for you to read it.

Q: Look, I'm all about independent authors and supporting creatives, but you're gonna make me buy the same book again?
A: Is someone forcing you to buy it? That seems like a really bizarre kidnapping situation, and while we're a little flattered purchasing our book is your tormentor's chosen form of devilry, you should contact the police. But seriously, we're giving away free digital copies of the new Book 1 to anyone who bought the original Book 1. 'Cause we love ya. Just go here for more info.

Q: But will I still get Book 2 if I haven't read the new Book 1?
A: You will be profoundly confused by Book 2 if you skip the new Book 1. We can't recommend doing that, unless you're a fan of absurdism as an art form.

A: I know. It's like we have full-time jobs and families and lives. It's been so long, you probably don't even remember that first book, so just go for it!

Q: What's the recommended age for this series?
A: We consider these books to be within the realm of PG-13, as is most of real life. Some violence, some teenager-y situations, a little bit of mature language that you might not find in, say, Stuart Little, a couple of bathroom jokes. As with most things, we hope if you're looking at this series for your young adult, you'll give it a peep before you hand it to your kiddo.

Q: Two of your main characters are named Finn and Rey? Did you steal that from Star Wars?
A: No. We thought of it first, JJ.

Q: So didn't you guys used to write under the name Wyatt and Wynn?
A: We did. We went on the internet and pretended to be old ladies writing a young adult fantasy series to stay out of assisted living. It was as exhausting as writing a young adult adventure fantasy series times two. We had to give up the pseudonyms and write as ourselves. Not as mysterious, but might keep us saner.